Review: Deeper than blue

Title: Deeper than blue
Author: Jill Hucklesby
Genre: Contemporary YA
Source: Bought
Publisher: Orchard
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Published: May 2007



Amy is a thirteen-year-old champion swimmer. When she and her best friend Sophie meet with an accident one day, Amy's life changes dramatically. Amy's story of how she comes to terms with Sophie's death and with the consequences of her accident is told with sensitivity and humour. In hospital, Amy makes friends with quirky Harry, and begins to feel more positive. Her relationship with her parents is changing too, and the family's move from Nottingham to Brighton heralds a new start. Amy starts swimming again and triumphs in a competition - she has come full circle, and we have cried and laughed with her all the way.

I love YA contemporary novels and Deeper than blue wasn't an exception. I think the strength of this book are the characters. Amy is so human: she makes mistakes, she falls, she cries... she's not a supergirl, she's just a normal teen trying to recreate her life after a terrible accident. But my very favorite character is, without any doubt at all, Harry: I loved his irony, his sarcasm and his ability to defuse. He's so smart and at the same time so sweet with Amy! It's also interesting to see how Amy's relations with her parents changes, how she becomes closer to her mother while the relationship with her father cracks. In addition to that, I appreciated the author choice to show us also what happened to Sophie's family. I cried several times while reading this book and I loved the end, even if I'd like to know more about Harry.

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