Summer Wrap-Up read-a-thon: start up post!

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The Summer Wrap-Up read-a-thon is hosted by In Between and Some like it paranormal.

I'm so excited for this read-a-thon!  Here are the books I'd like to read in these days:

I don't think I'll be able to read all of them but I hope to read at least three books:)
Have you ever read them? Which are your goals?

Happy read-a-thon!


  1. Hi, nice to meet you! :D Good luck with reading, I can see some amazing titles :)

  2. I've got the first ANGEL book, and THE ROAD, on Mount TBR - though I think I've got quite enough on the pile for this week so they might have to wait a bit longer! ;)

    Good luck, and here's to some fab summer reading over the next few days! *clinks coffee mugs cheerily*

  3. Your blog is so cute! New Follower :D! I've had Angel Fire in my TBR since FOREVER! It's good you're reading it, hope you enjoy it :)

    Happy Reading!

    1. Thank you for following!:) I love your blog:)

  4. The Catastrophic History of You and Me sounds good but sad :-( I hear the Angelfire series is good!
    Thanks so much for joining us and good luck!

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