Feature and Follow Friday #2

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This week question is...
What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book? For example, if an author employs an omnipotent narrator that is sometimes considered bad form.
I surely hate stereotypes and love triangles. In addiction to that, I hate books in which a fabulous setting (dystopian, fantasy,...) is used only in function of the love story: buuuuh! Ah, and I really really hate insta-love!

What about you?

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  1. Heylo~ I'ma new follower!

    I think a lot of us don't like insta-love!

  2. Oh yeah!!I forgot to include stereotypes :)
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  3. Don't mind a love triangle, as long as it doesn't drag on too long (like the Tiger's Curse series)... But, yeah, insta-love is totally boring... *new follower*

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    Keely @ Realms of an Open Mind

  4. Completely agree with you here! Insta-love is a common answer this time round.
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    Rinn (My FF)

  5. Love triangles are the worst!!!


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  6. Agree on both fronts! Though both are oft-used in the book world!

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  7. new follower through GFC as lucyatmax/no pic. I can be found and followed at bethartfromtheheart.blogspot.com . Your answers were good and I'd agree with them. Love triangles and insta love...yuck! Stereo types...there is always an exception